Indoor foliage plants Care Instructions for happy plants

Posted by Tamara Campbell on

In general, indoor plants need bright, indirect light, though many tolerate varying degrees of light.

The important thing here is understanding that the more light a plant has, the more water it will use, the less light the less water it will use. If the soil in a pot plant is remaining wet for too long, there is a risk of root rot and pest attack and it’s a clear indication that the plant isn’t getting enough light. Aim to water only as the soil feels dry at 4cm deep when you stick your finger in or use a moisture reader. Less is best.

Even when using a self-watering pot, allow the reservoir to dry up between watering. Fertilise with an indoor plant food as per manufactures instructions, I like to fertilise more frequently but at a weaker dose than on the pack when using a liquid plant food. Do not fertilise in the winter months, cut back watering in the winter too.

Repot your plants in spring. Do this every year or 2. Turn them out of their pots, inspect their roots, tidy up their foliage then repot using new potting mix.

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