ASK TAMARA Your friendly plant lady.... Mould on the top of potting mix?

Posted by Tamara Campbell on

My DM's on Instagram are full of questions from our community members about plant health / maintenance questions. I thought I'd start this blog series and share this advice with a wider audience. Feel free to drop me a question or comment below.
Question from Sam
"My plants are flourishing 🙂 but this one I have noticed a yellow like mould growing in it.
I was wondering if I should bring it to the plant spa, or whether there is something I should come grab for it?"
Answer from Tam
"We occasionally see this in indoor plants. The mould is harmless to our plants and to us. It’s just part of the natural decomposition of the potting mix. If it’s looking a bit compacted or washed away we can top it up. If the soil level is ok, just take a wooden chopstick and agitate the potting mix a bit and turn it over so you can’t see it anymore. 
I find it’s more commonly occurs in warm, brightly lit rooms, I often find it in offices and salons."
Response from Sam
"This is amazing news, it was so healthy so I was worried something was wrong. It definitely is in a light area."

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