Tillandsia ionantha small
Tillandsia ionantha small

Tillandsia ionantha small

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These delightful plants are epiphytes and use their roots to anchor them to tree tops rater than to take up water and nutrients. Place in bright, indirect light. Mist the foliage a once a week for most of the year, more often in very hot weather, less often in very cold weather. Or, you can fully submerge your airplant every week or two for 20 minutes. Either way, ensure to give your airplant a good shake after watering to prevent excess water from sitting withing the plant and causing rot. If your Tillandsia is in flower, it's better to mist than submerge from a flower preservation point of view. Add 1/2 strength liquid plant food to your misting or submerging water 2 to 3 times a year.


Very knowledgeable about how to look after plants, wonderful location and amazing service

Megan Taylor

Awesome selection of plants. love it

Vanessa Scott

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