Flower & Twig - Base Layer Pebbles - 7mm Lava Rock

Flower & Twig - Base Layer Pebbles - 7mm Lava Rock

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450gms/500ml resealable bag

Scoria pebbles are great to use as a base layer for your terrarium. They are also a very useful top layer stone for growing moss - it loves growing around them, filling in all of the little porous holes. It's a very versatile terrarium substrate!

🌿The base layer is one of the most important layers in your terrarium. It is essential to have this layer for drainage. Our 7mm scoria pebbles are perfect for the job as they are porous which means they are great at storing any surplus water at the bottom of your glass in their little holes and bumps. They're also lighter than ordinary pebbles so they don't add too much weight to your terrarium.

🌿We measure our products by volume and weight so that you know exactly how much you will receive. 500ml - Up to 20cm diameter glass 1litre - 21-25cm diameter glass