Calathea zebrina | 20cm pot

Calathea zebrina | 20cm pot

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These members of the Prayer Plant family Marantaceae have very detailed markings on their leaves, They do put their leaves into prayer position in the evening, and then flatten out again in the morning. They are humidity lovers. group them with other plants, use pebble trays or water dishes to increase humidity or use a humidifier (without oils) if it is looking a little sad due to drying heater induced air in winter, move it to somewhere warm, but higher humidity, like a bathroom or kitchen. These guys like moderate, indirect light. Keep evenly moist in the warmer months and allow to dry slightly between watering during winter. Apply liquid fertilizer monthly if you can see new growth, usually during the warmer months.


Very knowledgeable about how to look after plants, wonderful location and amazing service

Megan Taylor

Awesome selection of plants. love it

Vanessa Scott

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