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In 2023 we have been very fortunate to have two business groups use The Green Space on a monthly basis.


The Kingston Collective use the space for their monthly co-working days. Usually on a Friday, where they bring their community together in a relaxed, friendly setting. We (I'm a member of The Kingston Collective) chatter about life and bounce around business ideas and give each other valuable feedback. I always get heaps done during these sessions. I write myself up a list of business admin items to work though, sometimes I smash out a newsletter and everyone in the room cheers as they see it drop into their inbox. haha.

I highly recommend connecting with your local business group if you are a solopreneur like me. It's really been a game changer for my business and my mental health. 


Kingston Collective Co-working Day December



Webby Web Design owner Meirav brings in a group of her customers and runs a whole day workshop each month. Generally focusing on Squarespace websites, although there are usually one or two folk like me on Shopify, Meirav is brilliant and takes us through little tweaks that we can make in the back end and updates and new functions that will help us stay on top of things. 

This month we focused on blogging and it's importance to our website growth. We each gave a short intro to our business and then the group gave us blog ideas, each walking away with a blogging plan for 2024... which I just had to blog about. 😂

You can read the Webby blog here. So many useful articles.

Webby Web Design website workshop in The Green Space December


If your group would like to use The Green Space in 2024 reach out and we can tailor a package for your needs. Contact me.



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